Neighborhood Resource Guide

A directory of an exclusive group of local providers of products and services for your home and family. Our vendors provide the absolute best in quality and service. Download special offers. New services are being added all the time.

Utility Connections

You can get all your home services in minutes by entering your address now. See home service companies available at your address and sign up today. Save time, and very possibly money, by finding the best deals on services in your area.

Community Explorer

Community Explorer is the perfect tool to assist you with finding or narrowing down the neighborhood community that matches what you want. Whether you are moving because of a new job or just wanting a new beginning, this tool allows you to search based on criteria you establish. Once you have retrieved your results, compare your choices side-by-side or to your current community. You can even preview (where applicable) available real estate listings for selected communities.

Community Comparison

You can choose two (2) locations to compare. If you are only interested in your local area, simply select origin information. If you would like to compare locations side-by-side enter both origin and destination information. Once the results are produced, you will be given the opportunity to add one additional location to your comparison analysis.